Michael Jackson’s This Is It

First preview in Los Angeles of the movie “Michael Jackson This Is It”.


If you start taking this as the normal movie, well you are starting with the wrong foot, This is a documentary movie from filmmakers about “Michael Jackson This Is It” latest tour canceled by his premature death. Personally, I like Michael Jackson, is not my favorite singer, far from that…. But how can you not appreciate what he did throughout the years of his career?

The movie is mainly about the preparation behind Michael Jackson This Is It tour during early spring this year, for what was meant to be is last performance in concert, the biggest, the more spectacular on the London Arena. Sadly though he never made it! The quantity of material recorded during the rehearsal was huge and they managed to make 112 min of the film, exciting, entertaining, spectacular and all you can remember about watching Michael Jackson performing.

The movie follows Michael Jackson This Is It tour from inside, to Luxury stages with 3d effects, to the musical directed by Kenny Ortega (same of the movie) passing through Jackson interaction with, Hollywood stars: Rita Hayworth and Humphrey Bogart.
Not much talking throughout the movie but mostly music and performance, well that it is what Michael Jackson is all about you would think…And boy!

Could he still perform… Watching Michael Jackson rehearsing on what we know now as the latest tour “This Is It” it really fills you up with sadness for what time has taken too early and if you are going to look for a hint, a sign of his imminent death, you will be disappointed because on the stage he looked extraordinary as ever!
Even if this movie is probably just another way to make money from his death this movie will not leave indifferent and without wondering if the whole world has just lost: Last century biggest artist!

Michael Jackson’s This Is It will offer Jackson fans and music lovers worldwide a really rare, behind the stage glimpse at the “the king of pop” as a performer as he developed, planned and rehearsed for his sold-out gig that would have been planned for the beginning of summer 2009 this year in the London Arena.

Chronicling the early spring of this year exactly June and April, the film is produced with the full support of the Estate of Michael Jackson and drawn from more than one hundred hours of behind-the-scenes footage, featuring Jackson rehearsing from This Is It latest album many songs for his concert. Audiences are going to be so close to the King of pop as never before. To cut a long story short, the documentary “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” was made to captures the dancer, singer, filmmaker, genius, creative mind behind all and great artist at work as he creates and perfects his final show.

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