One well known key metric used by webmasters in measuring the performance of web pages and websites is to track keywords that are used to arrive at the specific page or site.  This is nice to have for your website but, it doesn’t give any indication of how those keywords are being used in social media and the relation to your website, web pages, or your competitor’s website and web pages.  With social media now playing a prominent role in brand management, it’s more important than ever to track keywords across social media.  In fact, around 40% of Facebook and Twitter users follow brands.

Insight into keywords obtained from social media can prove a valuable metric for your organization and serve as an extension to your KPIs. While research of keywords in a website search has been made popular through tools such as Google Insights, obtaining keyword insights in the social media space is a fledgling service, but providers like Xaffo are leading the way to far better metrics for keywords in social media. Xaffo provides both quantitative and graphical analysis of keyword performance on Twitter, as well as qualitative insight through relevant Tweets.

Let us consider a hypothetical business, Acme Technologies. Acme Technologies is a company providing software development consulting services and has an active presence on Twitter. Let’s assume that Acme has consultation expertise in several different software development frameworks like .NET, Java, and PHP.

In this scenario, Acme could benefit from keyword insights for gauging the popularity trends in social media for the different development frameworks: NET, Java, and PHP. Acme can learn about the emergence of new technologies such as Python by keeping track of Keywords such as “Python”, “Python Development” and “Python Rocks” on Twitter. Acme could also keep tabs on the net sentiment (positive or negative) associated with the keyword “Python” or other keywords important to them. Acme could benefit from tracking the popularity of its known competitors in comparison to itself, by tracking #tag keywords such “Acme Technologies” and the competitor’s #tags.

There are many other ways in which we could make use of #tag and generic keyword analysis for Tweets, ranging from gauging the popularity of individual products to gaining insight into the influence of your brand. Products like Xaffo have yet another advantage in that one could drill down into the actual Tweets containing the keywords being tracked, and even watch these Tweets roll out in real time. This allows users not only to keep abreast of trends unlike ever before but also to be much more proactive – whether it’s responding to an individual Tweet or a trend.

Keyword Insights are an invaluable add-on to your content performance analysis for social media like Twitter.  With more and more social media users following brands, it’s actually critical for organizations to stay on top of keywords that attract users to follow them and continue to follow.

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