How to Memorize Lines

When you were a little kid, you could remember every little object or word that was put in front of you. As you start to get older, you get tied up in many activities throughout the day, such as work, school, family gatherings, etc. You are not likely to sit down and read your local newspaper or novel to exercise your brain because of your busy schedule. Many actors are very skilled when it comes to memorizing lines because they have to display their skills on stage, or even in a movie production. Starting to memorize lines, however, can become tricky if you take in too much information. Below are some ways that you can use when memorizing lines, and how they will prepare you for the future.

If you do not like to read a lot of information at once, then try index cards. This technique has worked for many years throughout schools, and even business meetings. You are able to test yourself if you are the type of person that does not retain information for a long period of time. You can have family members flash the cards in front of you to test your skills of memorization.

Pointing out key words in a sentence will help you memorize lines better. You want to look for strong action verbs or phrases that give you a specific reason for the sentence. If you read the paragraph first, and then dissect the paragraph sentence by sentence, then you will be more likely to remember the lines better. Listening to someone read a sentence repeatedly will also help you to remember lines if you are skilled enough to pick out the main points of each sentence. Recording sentences on tape recorders or even listening to your pages on an recorded e-book makes it easier for you because you are actually listening to someone talk rather than reading the lines on your own.
Overall, you will gain a lot of experience memorizing lines.

Do not panic and think that you have to remember a lot of information because you can become overwhelmed easily, which will cause you to forget everything that is in front of you. When you begin to target the keywords that the lines have, it will become easier for you to say them aloud. You may even have to experience some criticism in order for you to memorize your lines as well. Just make sure you make it a great experience when memorizing lines.

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