Educational Programs by Queen City Prep

The arts are an integral part of Queen City Prep’s curriculum and extracurricular activities. Students are required to take arts courses prior to graduation and may choose from an array of dance, music, visual arts, and theater classes. In addition to the academic arts offerings, Queen City Prep will offer clubs and organizations which include several singing groups, art and literary clubs, band and orchestra. The school will hosts several art competitions and visiting artists throughout the year.

Students will have the opportunity to select courses in the following disciplines:  music, theater, dance, photography, painting, weaving, ceramics, drawing, video and digital imaging, and design. Within Fine and Performing Arts, students learn the creative problem-solving, selection and composition, analysis and performance vocabulary and skills unique to each of these subjects. Course work is appropriate for students at every level, from those who seek a basic familiarity with the arts to those who wish to create advanced projects in preparation for university study. Every class at Queen City Prep will be taught by working artists in their fields.


Course offerings range from classes for students new to the discipline of Dance to those for seasoned dancers. Urban, jazz, contemporary—all class types and levels have the opportunity to participate in or observe master classes by experts in the field and to perform material in informal settings. Composition and Choreography classes cover exploration and improvisation, creative problem solving, discussions, field trips, and more.  Dance courses explore issues in present-day dance by looking at the past. The Queen City Prep Dance Company targets the highly motivated and talented dance student looking for additional performance experience; students rehearse in a variety of dance styles, and perform in assemblies, holiday and spring concerts, on tour, and in other special performance events.


The Queen City Prep Choir performs both secular and sacred music at various concerts throughout the year, including the holiday concert in December, the Spring Concert in May, and Commencement in June. We will also feature another choir comprising select members drawn from the QCP Choir, and performs works appropriate for the smaller choral ensemble. Courses designed for the musician and non-musician alike look in-depth at some of the great classics, as well as the art and composition of various musical styles. Choir courses are available for every student while participating in the choirs requires an audition and selection.

Queen City Prep will form a concert band, jazz band, and orchestra which are open to all instrumentalists.  Courses will be offered in strings, percussion, woodwinds, brass, and piano.

Our vision also includes an on-campus recording studio which will enhance every aspect of our music program.  Students will learn sound engineering and music technology, sampling, multi-track recording, microphone techniques, Cubase, and synthesizer programming.  Students will learn to produce and sell CDs of the school choirs and bands as well as the compilation of student compositions.  Courses will be offered in writing and recording music.


Theater students are introduced to concepts of acting current in American theater, and do exercises and improvisations designed to free them as actors; imagination, sensory awareness, vocal, and physical techniques are stressed, and special attention is paid to exercises helping students use their own imagination with confidence.

In addition to acting, there are several courses in playwriting and directing, as well as technical support and designing sets. Oral Interpretation and Speech is offered for students who want to improve their ability to read, recite, or speak the famous words of others or their own work. Classes are designed to help students gain a thorough understanding of theatrical and staging techniques as they have evolved through history.

Students participate in school productions, performance tours and public performances which take place in various venues and auditoriums.

Visual Arts

Introductory courses provide students instruction in basic visual language and design concepts using a variety of media; in addition, these courses can provide further instruction in portfolio development. Classes in drawing, painting, AP Studio 2-D design, textile arts, sculpture, ceramics, set design, digital imaging, photography, and video production engage students who are new to the visual arts as well as serious art students looking to explore advanced concepts.

Students will have an opportunity to create a foundation portfolio either for an art school or for the supplemental materials portion of a liberal arts school.  Students should discuss their interests with any of the art instructors before creating the portfolio.

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