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Since the times of the Ancient Greeks, the human race has been evolving its theatrical representation of human nature. We use these acts to trick the audience and make them believe these things are happening, to make them feel certain feelings. The acting was born as an art of theater, but however with the invention of the film the field of acting has skyrocketed to disproportional measures. With such a grandiose use of actors and actresses in the thousands of films produced each year, there are many opportunities for the aspiring.

However, to reach the top, to be the best of the best, it is necessary that the individual possesses the skills of vocal projection, clarity of speech, physical expressionism, emotional facility, imagination and most importantly the ability to interpret the concept of drama.

Places to study

Film careers and acting careers are some of today’s most desired and for this reason, there is high competition in the field. It is important to have these acting skills, but it is also very important to have patience, to get yourself out there and not have fear, and to find proper contacts. Some people are born with natural talent, others attain a formal training from an acting school, in either case, one of the most difficult aspects of entering the field of acting is finding contacts.

By enrolling in an acting school, not only do you add a great deal to your resume but you create a higher chance of finding helpful contacts. There are many specialized schools for acting in the United States, however, most of them are located within the vicinities of Los Angeles or New York because the majority of film production companies are located in those two cities. Some of those most renowned are The New York Academy of Film, The Acting Corps in Los Angeles, The College of The Theater of Arts in Los Angeles, TVI Actors Studio in both New York and Los Angeles, and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts located both in New York and Los Angeles as well.

The art of acting

The majority of acting schools intend to teach the values of the principles of acting technique, the vocabulary of filmmaking for actors, the logistics of performance on a set, how to recognize the difference between film acting and stage performance, and how to break down a scene and analyze a character. Basic training and performance in acting schools are usually composed of activities such as scene study, auditioning skills, cold-reading technique, monolog presentation, acting in films, sitcoms, primetime, soap operas, commercials, accent reduction techniques, script analysis and improvisation.

For the most part, students interested in acting do not enter the work field only for the pay, but they have a true and genuine interest in the dramatic arts. The average salary for an actor or actress, depending on whether they work in an independent or a mainstream industry, can earn from about $25,000 to $75,000 a year.

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