About Queen City Preparatory Athletics

Queen City Prep Academy is a private, Christian, college preparatory, boarding school program that prepares basketball players to be successful college student athletes.  Located in the beautiful city of Charlotte, North Carolina, players reside in a dormitory, take courses provided by dedicated and exceptional instructors, and conduct practices and games in local area gymnasiums.

Our mission is to provide high school and post-graduate basketball players with individualized educational opportunities and programs that will help them gain college acceptance while utilizing their basketball skills and abilities.

Queen City Prep provides a post-graduate basketball program for young men that have successfully completed high school.   Our post-graduate basketball program is dedicated to increasing opportunities for post-graduate athletes to be recruited to play college basketball.  Our players have the unique opportunity to mature while getting physically stronger.

They gain the experience of playing college basketball competing nationally against junior college basketball programs, including some of the top post-graduate teams in the country.  Our players take courses such as English, Math, Government, Science, Foreign Language and SAT/ACT Test Preparation taught by instructors to help players earn higher college board scores.

Queen City Prep will provide a high school basketball program for young men in grades 9 through 12 in the year 2011. Our high school athletes will be provided an excellent educational system specifically designed to give students the individualized, personal attention needed in order to:

(1) earn higher grade point averages;

(2) gain college acceptance;

(3) be successful college student athletes.

Students will be afforded an exceptional, supportive and dedicated staff whose goal will be to provide each student with the best educational opportunities available.


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