• Internet Marketing Tips: Keyword Insights on Web Pages

    One well known key metric used by webmasters in measuring the performance of web pages and websites is to track keywords that are used to arrive at the specific page or site.  This is nice to have for your website but, it doesn’t give any indication of how those keywords are being used in social […]

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    What is an acting school

    Introduction Since the times of the Ancient Greeks, the human race has been evolving its theatrical representation of human nature. We use these acts to trick the audience and make them believe these things are happening, to make them feel certain feelings. The acting was born as an art of theater, but however with the […]

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    The Wonderful World of Public Relations

    Painting the Canvas Of A Free Mind The skill in publicity is to paint a picture around a topic, thus applying direction – with the course being approached absolutely controlled by the publicist. Utter control is indeed the main objective here; controlling the target audience, controlling consumers, controlling the public. The profession relies and prospers […]

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    Nursing Student Grants and Scholarships

    Nursing is a rewarding career and is attracting students from all segments of the society to pursue a career in nursing. But for the aspiring nursing students, paying the fees and other expenses has become difficult due to the high-cost fees of the universities and the colleges. However, it is a relief to know that […]

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    Michael Jackson’s This Is It

    First preview in Los Angeles of the movie “Michael Jackson This Is It”.   If you start taking this as the normal movie, well you are starting with the wrong foot, This is a documentary movie from filmmakers about “Michael Jackson This Is It” latest tour canceled by his premature death. Personally, I like Michael Jackson, […]

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    How to Memorize Lines

    When you were a little kid, you could remember every little object or word that was put in front of you. As you start to get older, you get tied up in many activities throughout the day, such as work, school, family gatherings, etc. You are not likely to sit down and read your local […]

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    About Queen City Preparatory Athletics

    Queen City Prep Academy is a private, Christian, college preparatory, boarding school program that prepares basketball players to be successful college student athletes.  Located in the beautiful city of Charlotte, North Carolina, players reside in a dormitory, take courses provided by dedicated and exceptional instructors, and conduct practices and games in local area gymnasiums. Our mission is […]

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    Educational Programs by Queen City Prep

    The arts are an integral part of Queen City Prep’s curriculum and extracurricular activities. Students are required to take arts courses prior to graduation and may choose from an array of dance, music, visual arts, and theater classes. In addition to the academic arts offerings, Queen City Prep will offer clubs and organizations which include […]

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    Academic Program

    High student academic achievement is critical to the success of QCP’s program. QCP will offer an intensive college preparatory program in a small school environment integrating academics and performing arts, advisory/leadership, athletics and technology as tools to actualize the unique skills and talents of each student.  Honors courses are available in the following subjects:  English, Math, […]